Sulkiness and Guilt


So Yeah I am a big time Procrastinator..There are a bunch of things that I hate in myself..But I donot know how to start

So hey m Smily ..I love dancing, reading books and food…I’m a hardcore foodie..So, my love for food is so much that my weight has reached heights and I weigh seventy plus which I guess is too much for a girl

I know I hate being bulky..but my love for food overshadows everything..I feel there’s nobody who understands much..I have not a single friend who I can rely on and call me mine..So, inshort food became my best friend

When m sad, I eat …When m happy I eat ..I love food…it’s my 2nd liveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So Yeah now coming to point, like I said I am a very good Procrastinator..But today I exercised for 20 minutes and seriously it felt great..So, this thing made my day

I promise,though it’s tough to continue the routine, but I’ll try to go for a walk and exercise daily…So that in half a year I lose 7-8 kilos, which can ultimately add a smile on my face

I feel I shrub work..The second thing I hate about myself is not working hard towards my career…M born intelligent but I’m 0 percent hardworking …That makes me a mediocre

I just height my mediocrity and my weight …I’ll try to change it…Though it’s very difficult for a careless person like me…But let’s start…Y can’t I give a short …

I feel if others can bridge mountains why can’t I, I m no less than them…I m normal human being and that’s just the biggest blessing in life

I hope one fine day m so so proud of myself , that I start loving myself for keeping myself the last priority and for not working hard towards my goals and dreams

I wish I live up with my dreams, give them wings of reality and donot let them die within me…I donot want to die a mediocre

Let’s take that one step towards success

A toast to success and happiness

Stay happy , stay cool Peeps

Love y’all πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—


Finding Myself

For I have wasted so much time in pleasing people, making them happy that I had no time for myself..But for now, I need to change , I need to build a positive self-image about myself and when I do so, i need to fill the colors so beautifully that everything gets mesmerised

For at one moment I need to stop over thinking , for I need to take a deep breath and just move on , and when I do so , I need to Smile and create everything so beautifully

I think with my heart, and I think that’s wrong..But donot know why I feel so deeply, let’s just focus on bigger things in life …Let’s make a change towards better things

For life is all about change ,,I need to accept myself the way I am, m complete in myself and I just donot need people or anybody’s approval to tell me that

Trying to fall in love with me, all over again …I know it’s difficult but surely I will

Till then take care peeps, love u all

Stay cool, stay blessed !!

Hugs and smiles




Hey guys, this is the first time I have started writing a blog..To begin with let me tell you that I’m a wanderer..I like to wander alone and find tranquility in things…

For years of being alone, alowing people to fill the empty surfaces, finally I have decided to live on my own, complete each and everything …

So yeah I’m an ambitious, adventurous ,fun-loving girl ..I like talking but at this moment I have become an Introvert

I have dreams, and I wish to fulfill them one day..Maybe I become what I want to be and Maybe I donot ..

All in all things need second chances, rather than playing the victim my entire life, this time I wish to paint my life with my colors..Colors of melancholy,colors of self-love with every shade of me

Cos I wish to create a future for myself, I m so proud of..I need to start loving myself, and forgiving myself for the countless things that went wrong or didn’t work

For I believe life is all about rediscovering yourself, filling the voids , finding the good in the bad and moving on

Yeah acceptance is the key, and I need to learn it sooner !!!

Till then take care Peeps

Love u,

Stay happy,stay coolπŸ˜˜πŸ€—